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Priorities for food security

Some people even though they cant afford it they still want to continue their religious tradition and we helped.
In the months of Ramadan we provide food to the families to full fill their Islamic duties in Ramadan 2018


We believe that everyone has the right to education and so we always try to help.
Sheikh Dahir Secondary school in Araabi's open day 22/07/2018. In all the videos you can see how happy all the people are in the area that is the secondary school. They are happy to get a secondary school they have never got before. Will you please help because the school is not finished as it still needs a lot of things like electricity, water and a plaground and school activities. Thank you.

Creating the facilities

The madrsa called nuur al hmaan and they build this in 2016. First they build the building now thet are gathering children from the town and are bringing them to the madras to teach them Arabic and Quran and what we're hopping is that the children become hafiz and alaam inshallah. We also have 2 different classes, one for boys and one girls

Providing Clean Water

One very important task that we tried to carry out was providing the most basic of nececities, clean water. All the local villagies understood the importance and helped out with the task. We dug the wholes, we carried all the pipe from the source all the way to the vilages. There is still work to be done but we are happy we could help.

Building a Mosque

This is the Mosque so far. The building still needs electricity, theres still work to be done in the kuthba and in the toilets. This one of the biggest Mosque around the area and i like to thank the charity that helped us with this and show the appriciation for the opportunity you gave everyone so they can have a place to pray. Thank you.

Building Wells for Farms

The people spent a lot of their time takking care of their farms and have gone through great agony to acquire water. Over the past 2 years the have dug 36 wells to supply the fields with water and they have done it bare handed. Kawsar Foundation helped by providing 36 pumps for the wells makking easier to get the water and it wouldn't be possible without your support. We want to thank each everyone of you for the donations and please know that people always need help.

Building Houses

So far we have build 6 different houses for families from 2016 to up to 2019. Each one of them has basic nececities like a kitchen a toilet and a room for bed, but there are still people waiting in a long queue to sleep under a roof at night. We could really use your help. Thank you.

Helping on Ramadan

Once again on the time of ramadan we helped people to fulfill their Islamic duties. We have helped them by also building Mosques nearby and there are still more things to be done, but for that we need your support and your help.